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Warhammer Fantasy in the Display Cabinet

My Warhammer Fantasy armies are both out of the carry cases and back in the display cabinet.  I can’t see myself playing Warhammer Fantasy anytime for the remainder of the year.

Why?  I have been playing a lot of Warmachine lately with my Protectorate of Menoth army lately.  Warmachine in my mind is a far better tactical game than Warhammer Fantasy and I am enjoying playing the game at lot more.  I still enjoy playing Warhammer Fantasy, even under the new rules.  But my time is now being spent painting and playing Warmachine.

Next year will probably see me starting a Hordes faction, not sure which one at the moment.  But first I want to build up my Protectorate of Menoth to fifty points and get a few Warcasters.

In the new year we will probably “hopefully” see a new Ogre Kingdoms book and miniatures released.  But with Games Workshop not informing the customers of any future plans then who knows?  This unpredictability of not knowing when the Ogre Kingdoms book and miniatures will be released as also had a bearing on moving onto other gaming systems.

Warmachine and Hordes for the predictable future!