Warhammer 40K IG

40K IG Catachans For Sale

I am selling my Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Catachan miniatures.  They have been painted to a good gaming standard.  I have had these since early 2008 and they have just sat in the display cabinet.  Click here for the ebay auction.

Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Fighter Captain
Imperial Guard Catachan Officer with Chainsword
Imperial Guard Catachan Officer with Power Fist
21 Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Fighters
3 Imperial Guard Catachan Heavy Weapon Squads
3 Imperial Guard Catachan Snipers
2 Imperial Guard Catachan Sentinels

I am selling them to help fund my Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elves army!

40K Catachan Army

My wife bought me a Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard Catachan Battalion box set for Christmas 2007. I wanted to include pictures of all my painted miniatures on this blog, so have included these miniatures as well.

I also purchased and painted a few metal models, one Captain, two Officers, two Ogryns and some snipers. I especially wanted to paint some of the new Ogryn miniatures, these looked awesome in White Dwarf. It was painting the Ogryns that gave me the inspiration to build an Ogre Kingdoms army in Warhammer Fantasy, painting a larger size miniature for a change was appealing.

To make this a complete and valid army I have about 25 more squad miniatures to paint for another troop choice, and will need an additional Ogryn to build a proper size Ogryn squad. Also I especially like the new Catachan command squad released this month with the new Imperial Guard Codex, so I may purchase this box set as well.

May be one day I will complete this army, probably to around the 1000 point mark. But at the moment my focus is purely on my Warhammer Fantasy miniatures.

40K Catachan Captain

My Imperial Gaurd Catachan Captain miniature on a custom base made from the bits from the heavy weapons sprue and a stone from my garden.

40K Catachan Officers

40K Catachan Ogryns

40K Catachan Heavy Weapons

40K Catachan Heavy Weapons

My Imperial Gaurd Catachan Heavy Weapons Squads. Two Heavy Bolters and a Missile Launcher.

40K Catachan Squads

Two squads of 10 Imperial Gaurd Catachans each with a Vox-caster.

40K Catachan Snipers

40K Catachan Sentinels