Magic Cards

I found these Warhamer Fantasy Magic Cards on the web at Download the pdf for the Lore you are interested in and print them out.

The designs are excellent, this is really an impressive piece of work.

Chaos Dwarfs

Far to the east in the ash-strewn lands of the Chaos Dwarfs lie the towers of Zharr Naggrund. In these blackened spires the Chaos Dwarfs plot their overthrow of the west and their eventual dominion over the world.

The 7th edition of Warhammer Fantasy Rule book contains little information regarding the Chaos Dwarf. The profiles for the army are printed in the back of the book. Along with a statement saying “see the GW website for more information”.

Since I have been into the hobby I haven’t seen any information regarding Chaos Dwarf on the GW website. Threfore I have included the rule set for the Chaos Dwarf on my blog.

Click on the image for the pdf rule set.

Warhammer Warbands

Warbands are simply scaled-down Warhammer armies. In essence, Warbands are the same as standard, tournament-sized armies but are simply in a growing stage.

The term Warband describes a Warhammer force in the range of 100 to 500 points. Warbands are not quite large enough to be called armies but are big enough for unit-level gaming (as opposed to gaming on the individual-warrior level, as is the case with games like Warhammer: Skirmish or Mordheim). Players can imagine their Warbands as patrols, reinforcements, special contingents sent off to accomplish specific tasks (e.g., raids, sabotage, assassinations), or simply a small force in the growing stages.

Click on the image for the pdf rule set.

Old Base Sizes & Unit Strengths

I found this Reference Sheet for Base Sizes and Unit Strength on the web. It is a very old document dated 2003, so please take this information with a pinch of salt.

For example Chaos Dwarfs and Dogs of War are mentioned and no Ogre Kingdoms, must have been published prior to the release of the Ogre Kingdoms army.

However this could be useful for someone building a Chaos Dwarfs or Dogs of War army.

Ogre Kingdoms Reference Sheet

Ogre Kingdoms reference sheet. A reference sheet showing stat lines and special rules. Useful as a quick reference during games.

Click here for other reference sheets from the Games Workshop web site. Although has not been updated with the latest army book releases.

Legendary Battles

Playing Massive Multiplayer Games of Warhammer

A Legendary Battle is a special type of Warhammer game that takes place between two teams of two or more players, with each team of players commanding an army of 5,000 points or more. Note that it’s not each player who has to have an army of this size – it’s each side. So two players, one with a 2000 point army and another with a 3000 point army, could fight as a team in Legendary Battles.

Ogre Rhinox Cavalry

Experimental Rules for Ogre Rhinox Cavalry by Phil Kelly. Rumours say that Ogre Rhinox Cavalry will be included in the new Ogre Kingdoms army book, and that the book is planned for release somtime in 2010.

Warhammer Magic Reference

Warhammer Fantasy Magic Reference Sheet

1. Generate Power and Dispel dice
2. Cast spells
3. Attempt to dispel
4. Spell succeeds or fails
5. Cast again. Repeat steps 2–4
6. Dispel any spells in play

Warhammer Reference

Warhammer Fantasy Reference Sheet. A very useful quick reference for rule queries