August Update

Well August has come and gone and a very quiet month for me. No posts on the blog and no painting done. I did manage to play seven games with Epic Kreoss and the High Reclaimer, winning three of those and my first win with the High Reclaimer.

I have no tournaments planned for the rest of the year at the moment, in fact I should be at Iron Wrath today but couldn’t make it.

So September and I really need to get some painting in !!


July Update

July was a better month for me on the playing side.  With the ETC last month I managed to get in ten games, winning three of these. I am determined that August and the coming months to get a lot more games in.

On the painting side again a lot of progress has been made. I have completed three Wreck Markers and the dismounted Gravus. So started on the Monolith Bearer and the mounted Gravus.

What’s next?

After painting Exemplar Errants plus UA and Sceneschal, followed by the Daughters of the Flame and Nicia I need a change of pace. All of these needed painting in time for the ETC last week, so needless to say it was a bit of a rush at times.

What is next? A solo I think, something I can spend some time over. Now my Epic Kreoss list needs some attention to bring it up to fully painted standard, and this brings me onto High Exemplar Gravus. This miniature works well with all the Exemplar miniatures in the Kreoss list. But more importantly it provides an anti knock down ability for all these Exemplars, the Covenant is in the Thyra list for character restriction purposes.

So High Exemplar Gravus it is. But before I make a start I need to finish the three wreck markers I have started, this isn’t going to take long so expect some updates on Gravus in the comings weeks.

2012 New Year Resolution Progress

Lets see how I am getting on with my new year resolutions?

1. Play at least 175 games of Warmachine during the year. Not a chance, don’t even expect to play 150.

2. Improve my Warmachine 20% win ratio. Yes it has improved so far. Of the 45 games I have played this year I have won 13, so that is 29%. Therefore on average I would expect to win 2 games in a 6 game tournament.

3. Improve my UK Warmachine ranking on Rankings HQ. I started 123rd and currently at 92nd. So its an improvement.

4. Play in at least 12 Warmachine tournaments. So far including the ETC I will have played in 5 tournaments. I have planned another 3 over the next six months.

5. Fill my KR Multicase with painted Protectorate of Menoth miniatures. The case is full with only one space for a singe small base miniature. Still got a load of miniatures to paint. I am going to need another case!

6. Improve the paint quality of my Protectorate of Menoth miniatures. Not really had a chance to do this. Been busy painting Exemplar Errants!

7. Post more often of my blog, especially more pictures. Not really posted more often, lets see if I can change this.

June Update

June was another very slow month on the playing side. I only played two games all month against Tyler and his Mercenaries, winning one of these games.

On the painting side a lot of progress has been made. The Exemplar Errants, Unit Attachment and Errant Scenschal are all complete. I have started on the Daughters of the Flame and Nicia, these have to be painted in time for the European Team Challenge next weekend.


This is my 300th post on the blog. I started blogging on my war gaming back in January 2009. I see this blog as “my online scrapbook” for my war gaming and painting hobby.

Since the start of this blog my war gaming has evolved from painting and playing Warhammer Fantasy. On the painting side I also painted a Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard small force, and the Mines of Moria box set.

Then back in June 2010 I started playing Warmachine. Since than I have only played and painted Protectorate of Menoth for Warmachine. All of my Games Workshop miniatures are now all sold to fund my Warmachine addiction.

In January 2011 I started a Flames of War, US 101st Airbourne army. These miniatures are still in the box, with only a few assembled. May be one day I will get these painted. But at the moment its all Warmachine.

I can’t see myself playing or painting anything but Protectorate of Menoth for Warmachine in the near future. I want to start a Hordes faction (probably Legion of Everblight), but with the releases for Warmachine coming thick and fast I can’t see myself finding the time. I have plenty of Protectorate of Menoth miniature to paint, which will see me to the end of the year. Then next we have the Colossals!

So onto the next 300 posts!

May Update

May was a very slow month on the playing side. I only played a single game all month against Tyler and his Mercenaries. The target of 175 games I wanted to play this year is well and truely out of my reach, even going to struggle to play 150 games.

On the painting side, I still have the Errants on the painting table. Been slow on the painting as well as playing. It seems I lost steam in getting the Errants painted, I think I burnt myself out and lost all motivation to get these done.