Heelan Hammer Bores Me Stupid

I have to admit I enjoy listening to podcasts whilst driving in the car to and from work.  I listen to most of the podcasts for Warhammer Fantasy and a few for Warmachine.  But the Warhammer Fantasy Heelan Hammer has started to bore me stupid.

Heelan Hammer started about a year ago, and when it first started up I thought it was the best podcast out there for quality and content.  But over the months Heelan Hammer has bored me stupid.  It’s just the hosts telling the audience what they have done since the last episode.  It’s all “I did this”, “we did that”, “he said this”, “I said that” over and over again, episode after episode.

Take the recent episode 46, one hour into the episode and they are still going on about games they have played.  Another thirty minutes on and its “You played another game”.   No…. I have just listened to an hour and a half of games you have played and there is more.  Then after one hours and forty seven minutes the host admits “as usual its the main part of the show”.  Well there we have it….  Heelan Hammer is all about them.

Other podcasts have a “what they did in Warhammer” section that last between ten and thirty minutes at the most.  But Heelan Hammer episodes have turned into a full two hours of what they did.

No content, no advice, nothing but egotistical claptrap.  Needless to say I won’t be listening any more.

The Waaaghcast – Episode 28

I have recently been listening to The Waaaghcast podcast, catching up on the inital episodes.

Last week was the release of episode 28 an Ogre Kingdoms army review.  The army review was by Randroid of the Drinkin’ and Modelin’ blog.  It was an excellent army review and episode, Randroid talks about every unit in the Ogre Kingdoms army in detail.  I have to admit have listened to this episode many times in the car on my commute to and from work.

Secondly on the topic of Ogre Kingdoms, The Bellower a webzine has recently been released on The Ogre Stronghold forum.   The Bellower has been excellently put together with some very interesting and some funny articles.  There is an  Agony Aunt section “Ask Aunt Doreen”, which is particually funny.  A section on Joel Henry’s army, Pros and cons on the Ogre Kingdoms.


HeelanHammer is a new UK Warhammer Fantasy podcast. At the moment they have only done one episode. I really enjoyed listening to episode one that I thought it worthy of a mention. The hosts are Dan Heelan and Wayne Kemp, two guys from the Portsmouth UK area. Hoping to hear a lot more from these guys in the future.

Link to website

40K Radio

40K Radio are the world’s first internet radio program dedicated solely to Warhammer 40,000.

They focus on all aspects of the game, including news, rumors, product reviews, and tactics. The hosts are Spencer Harding, and Scott Steva along with various special guests. The shows are shown live on ustream.tv, but living in the UK I haven’t yet stayed up till the early hours and watched. I tend to listen to these guys whilst painting, they can be hilarious.

40K Radio forms part of the Wargammers Radio Network, along with Podhammer, World’s End Radio and the D6 Generation.

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Miscast Podcast

This is a new Warhammer Fantasy podcast based in the US. The podcast has not been up and running for very long, episode 6 is currently the latest version. The podcast is hosted by Jason Justice and Sean Jackson.

Being based the US it provides a different insight into Warhammer Fantasy. Along with Podhammer (Austrailian) and Bad Dice (UK) we now have different views of Warhammer Fantasy across the globe!

Link to website

Bad Dice Podcast

Bad Dice is the UK’s first Warhammer podcast. The Hosts of the show are Ben Curry and Ben Johnson. Bad Dice tends to focus on news and reviews of UK Tournaments. The podcast has not been up and running for very long, episode 6 is currently the latest version. I did like the tactics section on episode 5, and also the advice of how to beat Daemons in episode 6. Looking forward to hearing more from these guys in the future.

Link to website

Worlds End Radio

Another Australian podcast covering Warhammer Fantasy Battles. The difference between Podhammer and Worlds End Radio is that these guys cover all the Games Workshop games Warhammer Fantasy, 40K, Lord of The Rings, Blood Bowl, and the others.

Worlds End Radio have been running since August 2008. The hosts of the show are Luke Retallack, John ‘JJ’ Layfield and various special guests. Its a very informative podcast, not as entertaining as Podhammer which tends to go off topic more often. I have learn’t a lot listening to this podcast, and found some inspiration for my Ogre Kingdoms army as well.

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Podhammer was the very first Warhammer Fantasy podcast, and to my knowledge the first wargamming podcast. It has been running since August 2007.

I started listening from around episode 15 and have been an avid listener ever since. Its the best Warhammer Fantasy podcast available for Warhammer content and especially entertainment value.

Podhammer is the brain child of Jeff Carroll an Australian, Jeff fronts the shows along with regular co-hosts Matt Cole and the legendary Dave Palmer. If you have listened to the show you will know what I mean describing Dave Palmer as legendary.

At the Podhammer is on indefinate hiatus, but a couple of Aussies including Trent Denison who hosts A Dogs Breakfast have taken over hosting a few episodes on behalf of Jeff. I hope Jeff all the best for the future and hope to hear him back on the podcast.

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