Exemplar Errants on the Painting Table (9 Weeks)

The Exemplar Errants have been on the painting table now for nine weeks. All of the miniatures have been based coated and the bases are nearly done. The shields are also nearly done. got the crossbows still to do.

Not picked up the paint brush this week, so one more week of my planned ten weeks to go. Still have some shading and highlighting to do and some tidying up.

Next its going to be the Daughters of the Flame and Nicia, Tear of Vengeance.

Still Painting Exemplar Errants (6 Weeks)

Yes I am still painting the Exemplar Errants, its been six weeks now and not painted anything else but Errants. The base coat on the bodies are almost done, then its onto the base, followed by shading and highlighting. Some how not looking forward to painting thirteen bases with my usual method.

To give myself a break and to stop me going mad, I have made a start on the shields over this weekend with a view to hopefully having these complete. Then next I need to concentrate on the crossbows. So with only four weeks remaining I think I can stick to my original plan and hopefully stay on target.

I did mention that Gravus would be next, however I think the Daughters of the Flame may be next. I have a week off work soon, so may keep Gravus for that week and to have the miniature as a back burner project. Therefore I can paint something different when going mad with my current painting project.

Errants on the Painting Table (4 Weeks)

The Exemplar Errants have been on the painting table now for four weeks. However over the last two weeks I have hardly picked up a paint brush. With six weeks remaining on my plan, I think I can just meet the target of ten weeks. Just need to get the turso’s painted which I am struggling with at the moment.

On another note I have decided that High Exemplar Gravus will be next on the painting table, followed by Daughters of the Flame and Nicia, Tear of Vengeance.

Errants on the Painting Table (2 Weeks)

The Exemplar Errants have been on the painting table now for two weeks. The picture show my progress. I usually paint all the same colours at once when batch painting a number of miniatures. However this time I decided to take a different approach.

This time I am painting an area of each miniature at once, before moving onto another area. I painted all the chain mail first, then the helmets and shoulder armour. Next moving onto the upper body. Having tired this method I have to say I much prefer this method of painting.

Next update in another two weeks!

Errants on the Painting Table

Eventually the Exemplar Errants have made it onto the Painting Table. I am painting all thirteen miniatures at once. Thats a full unit of a leader and nine grunts, the officer and standard bearer along with the Sceneschal.

I am giving myself ten weeks to complete all thirteen miniatures. I usually paint single figures, or a minimum size unit at once. But this time with the Errants I am tackling a full size unit.

Painting the Protectorate of Menoth

I have put together this painting schedule so to satisfy one of my final new year resolutions, that being to have a 35 point Warmachine army fully painted by the end of the year.  At the moment I am playing with bare metal and really prefer to play with painted miniatures.  It brings a new level of enjoyment and satisfaction to playing games.  Plus its an army which I can take to a few 35 point tournaments in the new year, which is something I am planning!

So onto the schedule.  October will be the Covenant, and Paladin only three miniatures and a book to paint.  November will see if I am successful or not with the Vassal, Choir (four miniatures) and the Reckoner all on the painting table.  December and the remaining unit of five Bastions.  December being a busy month with Christmas, etc I have decided on just leaving the Bastions to paint.

Will I be successful?  It will be great to play a few game with a fully painted 35 point Protectorate of Menoth army over Christmas!

My Next Army – Dark Elves

Over the past months I have been considering which army to collect and paint next.  My initial thoughts were either Vampire Counts, Wood Elves or a Khorne Daemon army.

I purchased the Dark Elves army book on the day of release back in 2008.  The army was going to be for my son, who wanted at the time to get back into Warhammer Fantasy.  But he lost interest shortly afterwards.

In November this year at the Immortal War tournament I won a box of Dark Elves Warriors for best painted army.  So my fate was sealed, with my Dark Elves army book and a box of Dark Elves Warriors it was going to be Dark Elves.

This army project will be purely a painting and basing miniatures project.  Although the Dark Elves are considered to be one of the best armies at the moment, the army list build will be based around the miniatures I would most like to paint not which units are better on the battlefield.

I will be collecting all the miniatures I want to paint first, then when I have all the miniatures only then will I commence building and painting.  I am not expecting to start building and painting until around April next year.  The Warriors of Chaos project will probably take me until March to complete anyway.

My target is to have a fully painted Dark Elves army by November next years for the Immortal War tournament, leaving me around eight months to complete.