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Fathers Days 2009

My kids, with the help from my wife bought me some new brushes for Fathers day.

I had hinted that I quite liked the look of some Pure Kolinsky Sable brushes, from a company I found on the web Rosemary & Co Quality Artist Brushes.

Snippet taken from their website on these Pure Kolinsky Sable brushes

This is the top grade of hair for holding capacity due to the perfect ‘belly’, excellent snap and spring. Selected and made by hand enabling the brushmaker to ‘feel’ the belly and thus form a brush head which is symmetrical and tapered to perfection. The high cost of the hair being the only major drawback (usually weight for weight three times the price of gold). Once used however the difference compared to others is well worth the difference in price. Consider Kolinsky Sable a long term investment. Personally as a brushmaker this is my absolute favourite hair to work with, indeed a privilege.

I will be using these brushes on my next project, which is probably going to be the Chaos Lord on Juggernaut, or some Chaos Knights.

These brushes look and feel excellent, I will post a review once I have used these.

Maelstrom Games

I have only purchased an Ogre Hunter from this company at the moment, and will be using this retailer again in the future. I found the service to be excellent, especially after being sent the incorrect miniature on my very first order. They have the widest range of miniatures, paints and products than most of the retailers I have come across.

Price Promise details from website…

If you can find any internet retailer within the United Kingdom selling any item in our inventory cheaper than ourselves, we will refund the difference when you order and even beat them by a penny! All you have to do is provide us with details of the website where you found these items and we’ll do the rest!

I haven’t yet tried the Price Promise, but may do in the future.

Link to website

Little Metal Men

I have only purchased a Ogre Maneaters from this company, but found the service to be excellent.

They are the only on-line retailer I have found that allows you to order a specific kinds of blister pack. All the other on-line retailers say that the miniature contained in the blister will be a random model, which is rubbish when you are looking for a specific miniature.

I wanted the Orge Maneater Pay Master miniature, which other retailer could not supply (not even Little Metal Men, apparently it is de-listed).  A trip to Warhammer World will probably be required to see if I can acquire the Orge Maneater Pay Master.

Gifts for Geeks

The best and probably cheapest online retailer I have used on the internet.

I purchased the majority of my Ogre Kingdom army from this site, also the hardback rule book. The service was excellent, quick despatch and never had any problems.

Antenociti’s Workshop

I found this company on the internet whilst searching for some matt varnish. They sell a massive range of scratch building, brushes, flock and other basing products. The website says 1123 products and counting.

At the moment only purchased some cans of Testors Dull Cote. The service was excellent. I will be using this company a lot more in the future.

Link to website


I needed some foam trays for my Ogre army, after looking at the GW cases I found that they were only really suitable for 20-25mm bases, not Ogre 40mm bases. I had a dig around on the internet and discovered an excellent supplier of transport cases and foam trays.

KaiserRushforth Ltd are a company based in Colchester, Essex, UK.

At the moment I have only purchased some foam trays and have to say the quality of product and service is excellent. Their products include card and aluminum transport cases, spare trays to fit both their cases and GW cases. The trays come in various sizes and depths, suitable for any size of miniature.

Link to website