Unseen Lerker

At the Winter War in Reading on Sunday,  Issac Alexander (Bobo the Vampire Monkey on TWF) or “Bobo” for short announced a new brand new gaming magazine, Unseen Lerker.

Unseen Lerker is the latest bi-monthly gaming magazine covering not only Warhammer Fantasy Battles, but also other games that they think will take your interest. The first issue of the magazine is currently being printed, but until then you can get a sneak preview of Issue 1 on their website  One of the unique things about this magazine is that they will be actively encouraging readers to double as contributors.
Issue 1 highlights are Russ Veal’s Chaos Army, an interview with Marcelo Rouco regarding Special Characters, coverage of the biggest tournament in Denmark Giant Fanatic, a tactics article, and a 10 page battle report between two of the UK’s best players Andy Isherwood and Andrew Chesney.

Im sure this is going to be a great gaming magazine, so keep an eye out for subscription details at