Khador Gun Carriage On The Table

Tyler worked on the remaining horse on Friday (eve of Scrap Metal), finally completing in the evening at Maelstrom.   If it wasn’t for the all nighter he put in on Thursday this would not have been done in time.  Its not to Tyler’s usual standard, but that can be resolved over the coming weeks.  I know Tyler wants to make a diorama style base and tidy it up.

This photo was taken by Sib on the morning of the tournament, thanks mate.  Will put up pictures of the final completed base and when tidied up.

Khador Gun Carriage 24 Hours To Go

I awoke this morning to find that Tyler must have been up most of the night painting.  The carriage is mostly complete, and a horse part complete.  With 24 hours before the start of the tournament there is still plenty still to do, and we have to drive to Mansfield later in the day.

Paint like you have a pair!

Khador Gun Carriage in 38 Hours

Tyler has purchased a Khador Gun Carriage battle engine today, and will be playing with it over the weekend at the Scrap Metal III tournament at Maelstrom Games in Mansfield over the weekend.   I picked it up from Maelstrom Games in my lunch hour off work on Thursday (today), eventually arriving home at seven o’clock that evening.

Maelstrom Games tournaments quite rightly in my mind insist on fully painted miniatures in tournaments, so this is where the 48 hours come in.  Tyler needs to have this monster of a model built and painted in 38 hours!

So we unpacked it and started cleaning it up. I have to say while the metal casting are not that bad, the plastic casting is a mess especially around the under carriage.  There is a gap of at least three millimetres where the top joins the bottom.

After an hour or two cleaning the mold lines, we decide there is nothing else but glue it together.  After a nightmare with what seems like “gone off glue“, we eventually have it ready for spraying with Army Painter Red primer .  Will have to get some more glue tomorrow if it doesn’t hold, especially around the wheels.  But time is getting on, so another coat of primer and it will be ready for paint.

I will be posting more pictures during the night and tomorrow on progress.  It does seems that Gary at Maelstrom was correct in saying “Page 5 also applies to painting”!

Warmachine Decals

After trawling the internet I stumbled across these decals for Warmachine.  Get your hands on some A4 decal paper, there are loads to be found on the internet and off you go!