Hellenika Spartan 300 Girl

My spartan miniature of Hellenika has arrived from Kabuki Models. The quality of the metal casting is excellent with very few mold lines.

The miniature was well packaged and dispatched very quickly. I will be keeping an eye on this new miniature company for future products.

I will post some pictures of this brilliant miniature once completed. It may be a while because I’m going to take my time and give this miniature the time and attention is deserves.

Hellenika Spartan 300 Girl

I was doing a search of the web for Spartan miniatures and stumbled upon this beauty on ebay.

Its from Kabuki Models, click here for website. They seem to be a new company with a small range, I am very impressed.

This is a 35mm miniature from the 21st Century Pin-ups range, the model is sculpter by Gael Goumon and casted in finest white metal. It comes unassembled and unpainted. The model is painted by Angel Giraldez.

Other work from this company can be found on Cool Mini or Not click here for the website.

After spending a year painting Ogre Kingdom miniatures I wanted to paint a single figure and something completely different, this one will do very nicely.

I will post pictures when I have assembled and painted this miniature.

Roll Call Miniature

I painted this 120mm scale Napoleonic miniature about 12 years ago, back in 1997.

The miniature is from Roll Call Military Miniatures, they were a Nuneaton UK based company which produced resin miniatures in 120mm scale. The company seems to be no longer trading, and I don’t think their products are available via any other manufacturer.

It is painted using Humbrol Enamel paints. The miniature is looking a bit tatty, and the painting style a bit outdated as I was unaware of some painting techniques such as washing and dry brushing back then. Therefore I will be giving this miniature a bit of a make over during the coming months.