Battle Reporter Community

I recently joined the Battle Reporter Community, my username on the forums is msehammer.

The blog provides up to the minute Games Workshop and Warhammer news, Warhammer Fantasy tactics, Battle reports. And the friendliest Warhammer forum you will find.

Click on the links and join up!

Battle Reports

Use the Battle Reporter Search on my blog side bar to search the Battle Reporter blog You can search by any criteria, eg. army, points value, unit, or author.

My Battalion Gaming Network

I have recently joined a new web site My Battalion It is a new social networking site for table top wargaming.

Joining is free. You can create and manage groups, clubs, and friends, upload pictures of your latest miniatures, blog about your battles, or argue tactics and painting tips on the forums. Also they are currently working on modifying the current system to allow for tournament hosting, record and stat tracking, and army list construction and storage, all of which will be free.

The Warhammer Forum

I joined this forum back in July 2008, my username is mse1966.

I have got to say this is probably the best forum for Warhammer Fantasy (especially for the UK) on the internet. Plenty of Warhammer Fantasy advice on any topic you could think of. Plus information on the up and coming tournaments and events in the UK.