Flames of War

Battlefront Customer Services – Five Star Rating

I have to give Battlefront Customer Services a Five Star rating.  These guys in the UK Customer Services at Battlefront are excellent.  Here is my story…

I recently purchased the Open Fire box set and had a few problems with the content. One of the Stug’s had broken side skirts, and whilst handling the other that one also broke.  After a day the cover of the rule book fell off, and a few days later more pages started to fall out.  Plus one of the dice had a mis-print, whereby the two looked more like a three.  In fact the only parts which were satisfactory were the Shermans and the German dice.

So I emailed the guys at Battlefront Customer Services in the UK.  Within THREE MINUTES I had a polite reply. They were very sorry with my experience of Battlefront and the Open Fire box set and would be sending out a replacement.   Also they said they would check and repack with extra foam.  The NEXT DAY I received my new Open Fire Box, packed in the extra foam!

The overall content of my new box is a lot, lot better.  I have noticed that the new rule book is about 3mm thicker than the one in my first box.  So they must have fixed the problem with the binding on the rule book.

This is what I call Customer Service.  A response within minutes with a replacement the next day!


Flames of War – Terrain Table

I was planning on building and painting some Flames of War scenery, hills, buildings, forests, hedges, etc.  You can’t play Flames of War without some terrain and scenery!

Recently I have found The Terrain Guy on You Tube, and he has inspired me to build a static terrain gaming table.  The tables he builds are truly stunning.

I will start with a 4×4 table, then extend this to a full size 6×4 table.  I want to include as much different types of scenery on this table as possible without over crowding the table, so have put together a list of possibilities.

  • Different type of fields, grass, crops, etc.
  • An area of woodland, may be a 12″ x 12″ Forest.
  • Hedges and some Bocage.
  • Walls.
  • A hill or may be two, but definately some undulation.
  • Road, maybe cobbles and a dirt track.
  • Buildings, may be a small village of three to five buildings.  Possibly some building destroyed.

My next phase is to plan this out on paper, and draw up a layout.  This will be a back burner project through out the year, something for a change to painting Warmachine miniatures.