Warhammer Fantasy FAQ II

Q. Can models get a better save than 0+ (i.e. a negative armour save)?

A. Yes, this is possible in theory, but certainly not easy to achieve!

Q. Can you allocate attacks to specific enemy Rank and File models in order to force which enemy Rank and File models count as casualties (and are thus unable to fight back)?

A. Yes, however we have to warn you that zooming in to a fight to this level of detail is likely to make resolving your fights a very slow process indeed!

Warhammer Fantasy FAQ I

Q. Can a model use a pistol to stand and shoot against a charging enemy and then use another weapon in the ensuing close combat (a great weapon, for example)?

A. Yes.

Ogre Kingdoms FAQ

Q. Does the phrase “fired exactly like a bolt thrower” mean that armour saves are not allowed for hits from a Harpoon Launcher and each model wounded by it sustains D3 wounds? Does it mean that a Harpoon Launcher is move-or-fire, and the Hunter is allowed to pivot on the spot, without penalty, prior to firing a Harpoon Launcher?

A. Yes in all cases. The Harpoon Launcher allows no armour saves, inflicts D3 wounds, is move-or-fire, and the Hunter may pivot before firing (provided he is not accompanied by Sabretusks).

Warriors of Chaos FAQ

Q. Are Daemon Princes Daemons for the purpose of Burning Gaze, Cleansing Flare, and other such effects?

A. Yes, they are Daemons for these purposes.
Q. Are Daemon Princes that are given magic levels equipped with Chaos Armour?

A. No, they are not.