What’s next?

After painting Exemplar Errants plus UA and Sceneschal, followed by the Daughters of the Flame and Nicia I need a change of pace. All of these needed painting in time for the ETC last week, so needless to say it was a bit of a rush at times.

What is next? A solo I think, something I can spend some time over. Now my Epic Kreoss list needs some attention to bring it up to fully painted standard, and this brings me onto High Exemplar Gravus. This miniature works well with all the Exemplar miniatures in the Kreoss list. But more importantly it provides an anti knock down ability for all these Exemplars, the Covenant is in the Thyra list for character restriction purposes.

So High Exemplar Gravus it is. But before I make a start I need to finish the three wreck markers I have started, this isn’t going to take long so expect some updates on Gravus in the comings weeks.

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