The High Reclaimer

I have a new Warcaster painted and ready for the gaming table “The High Reclaimer”. After playing Epic Kreoss a lot this year and Thyra at the ETC, I wanted a change of pace and a new challenge. So I opted for the The High Reclaimer a while back. Another reason for the choice is you don’t see this Warcaster being played at all at tournaments, and there is the challenge. Can I take this rarely seen Warcaster to a tournament and do well?

Whilst painting the Errants over the past couple of months I took a few weekends out and started painting this miniature. Finally finishing it this week. Its had its final finish of Dull Cote yesterday.

Another miniature I haven’t played with a lot recently is the “Vessel of Judgement”. So I want to build a list with this Battle Engine along with this Warcaster. At the moment I have some ideas for a list, but nothing in concrete.

I want to try a list with a lot of denial. For example the Errants, Holy Zealots and the Avatar can’t be targeted by spells. Other Warjacks can also have this ability via the Choir.

Then there are the clouds that this Warcaster can put down to protect against ranged attacks. So this evening we are off to Maelstrom for some gaming, lets see how it goes!

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