European Team Challenge 2012 – Sunday

Sunday and another early start for a 9:45 game. We were matched up against team “Full Retard” and I faced Mercenaries, sorry again forgot my opponents name.

I only just won my game with a single control point, with only Thyra and Vilmon remaining on the table. My opponent was very unlucky and didn’t get a miniature in base contact with a flag and dice down was called. Thyra parked her self on the flag he needed to control and luckly survived when dice down was called.

My entire unit of Bastions were raped in a single turn with Rocinante and Captain Damiano’s Warpath spell. But thinking back on this part of the game, I was astonished a Warjack could destroy a unit like this in one turn. So checked the rules for Warpath, and found that it can only move once per turn and I am sure the Warjack moved at least three times. But a win is a win, and we as a team also won.

One of the big talking points of the weekend were the amount of Stormwall’s and what effect they would have on the tournament. In a single list environment like the ETC some players where at a disadvantage, not having a list to combat these. But then its a team event so along as someone in the team can combat the Stormwall then I don’t see and issue, unlike some. This picture was taken over Sunday lunch of some of the Stormwalls at the event.

Before we go onto the last game of the event, I would like to mention one of our team mates Marc who was playing Cryx. He had won all five of his tournament games at this point, and have accumulated a lot of control points. So we helped Marc with an easy match up to aid his quest in getting best in faction for Cryx. But our opponents played their team feat and swapped the original opponent to a Menoth player.  This Menoth player was also in line for getting best in faction. Marc eventually went on the lose this game, by only two army points. The Menoth player went on to win best in faction, but Marc lost out on best in faction for Cryx. Had he killed three more points in the final game it would have been a much different story.

So onto the last game of the event we played “Team Netherlands” and I was put up against a Skorne player, this time with Molik Karn. And “Yes” I lost this game to a Molik Karn assasination run. I thought I had Molik covered and most of his army was tied up with Errants and Daughters, so I was ready for my assasination run next turn. But it wasn’t to be. The team also lost this final game, so we went 3 and 3 for the tournament and ended up in 39th place out of 54 teams.

In the individual rankings for the tournament I finished in 134th out of 216 players and won three of my six games. Very happy with this, finishing around mid table. More control points would have moved me higher up the rankings. The top player on three wins was 80th, so there is some improvement I can make here (win more control points!).

This picture taken at this year’s ETC sums up the event perfectly. This was exactly how I feeled at the end of the weekend, completely knackered. To much drink and plenty of gaming, some might say not enough! Each day was a long tiring day, but so much fun!

But given the tiredness at the end of the weekend I would not have missed this tournament, it was absolutely brilliant.

Sorry Dave I simply had to post this picture!

So onto next year’s ETC and this time myself and Tyler will hopefully be getting a team together from some friends who attend Maelstrom gaming evenings.

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