European Team Challenge 2012 – Friday/Saturday

Well the European Team Challenge is done and dusted for 2012, and what an event it was. We had a brilliant three days gaming, plenty of laughs and some cracking games.

The event was a 216 player, 54 team tournament. By far the largest single Hordes and Warmachine tournament in Europe, if not the world.

We started on Friday arriving around midday. After finding the rest of our team my self and Tyler got our stuff ready and had a practise game. Followed by burger and chips before we started the first game around seven in the evening.

The team consisted of myself and my Menoth, Tyler and his Tier 4 Magnus list, Eliot the captain taking two Stormwalls and Marc taking Cryx. I took Thyra primarily to face any Hordes factions out opponents took, as she loves playing against Hordes.

So onto game 1 and I faced Gard from team “Dooley’s Disciples” from Norway. I faced Haley with a Stormwall and a Storm Strider. Not a good match up for myself, but the opposing team only took Warmachine factions. This could not have been a more difficult match up for me. Gard cast Temporal Barrier every turn, and continued to shoot my army. Needing to do something I managed to get Thyra into the Storm Strider, not knowing that she was going to be pushed back two inches after the first attack. So Gard then killed Thyra and game over! We all had a great time playing Dooley’s Disciples who had brought along a bottle of Dooley’s to drink before, during and after the game. Gard also made the Stormwall pod’s from miniature Dooley’s bottles, and when one was destroyed we had to drink the Dooley’s. Needless to say I drank a few! The team lost this round, now surprises as “Dooley’s Disciples” are a very good group of players.

Saturday morning and game 2 and we faced team “Let the Wookie Win“, a UK based team. This time a lot better match up against Andrew and his Trollbloods. I had seen Andrew at a couple of tournaments in the past, but we had never played until now. The picture on the left was taken during this game (don’t know who took it, I found it on the net). Andrew knew how to play against Thyra leaving Jarl well out of her threat range. It didn’t help when I lost Corbeau early in the game. So I had to push for the win. Unfortunately leaving Thyra exposed, so another lose to me. Excellent game and hope to play Andrew again in the future. We won this round, so up the tournament rankings we went.

Onto lunch and it was time for the judges to look at the armies for the best painted. I didn’t bother putting my army out, even though others like my painting there are a lot of better painters at the event. So didn’t have any expectations. However the same person who took the picture above also took the picture of my army whilst on the tray. My painting needs a lot of improvements before I would consider getting near winning best painted at a tournament like this.

So game 3 after lunch and we faced “Team Red Dragon“, another group of lads from the UK. I can’t remember my opponents name (sorry), however I faced Dominar Rasheth without Molik Khan (yippee I hate that miniature). My opponent was again very wary of Thyra with me playing her aggressively up the field. Always measuring Rasheth’s control area to keep Thyra out of his control area. But he forgot about Corbeau and the extra 3 inches that Thyra can use to get nearer. Needless to say Thyra charged and one charge attack and a second boosted attack later I had won the game. However the team lost this round.

This brings me onto something which I feel is worth mentioning. When my opponent asks me “What is Thyra threat range?” in a tournament I always reply with “She can charge 10 inches“. This happened a lot over the weekend, and I always feel a bit awkward with this reply. However I believe that this is her threat range. She can only use her feat for the extra 2 inches of movement once per game. However this does not mean that these extra 2 inches of movement will be forward it may be she needs to move sideways. Therefore because the extra 2 inches may be a sideways move, then I believe when saying “she can charge 10 inches” is not cheating my opponent. The same applies to the extra 3 inches of movement that Corbeau may or may not provide, plus my opponent is not asking what the threat range is with all the extra’s. Of course there are other ways to extend Thrya’s threat range, a Warjack could push her an inch, also there is her spell Pursuit which she could be move an extra 7 inches. So I believe my reply of 10 inches is correct in a tournament setting.

Last game on Saturday and we are up against another team from Norway “The Dark Ponies“. The plan was going well today and I faced another Hordes faction with Mikkel and his Circle. Another Thyra caster kill and another team win. So we were to end Saturday on two wins. This game ended very very awkwardly, with my opponent not correctly measuring a charge attack and in doing so moved Thyra more then a inch. This very much highlights the fact that don’t move a miniature until both players are in agreement that the move is valid. I did not agree that the Warbeast was within 12 inches of the Warlock and had Thyra within melee range. I won’t go into the details, but I hate to see moving tape measures and shoddy measuring. Just checking the measurement at the end of the tape measure when the point you are measuring from has moved any inch away from the miniature is not on.

So Saturday evening was spent at Maelstrom Games until midnight, we had a BBQ and plenty of drinks during the day and into the evening. We were also introduced to a card game “Terrorist Top Chumps” and what a laugh we had with that. So what will Sunday bring?

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