2012 New Year Resolution Progress

Lets see how I am getting on with my new year resolutions?

1. Play at least 175 games of Warmachine during the year. Not a chance, don’t even expect to play 150.

2. Improve my Warmachine 20% win ratio. Yes it has improved so far. Of the 45 games I have played this year I have won 13, so that is 29%. Therefore on average I would expect to win 2 games in a 6 game tournament.

3. Improve my UK Warmachine ranking on Rankings HQ. I started 123rd and currently at 92nd. So its an improvement.

4. Play in at least 12 Warmachine tournaments. So far including the ETC I will have played in 5 tournaments. I have planned another 3 over the next six months.

5. Fill my KR Multicase with painted Protectorate of Menoth miniatures. The case is full with only one space for a singe small base miniature. Still got a load of miniatures to paint. I am going to need another case!

6. Improve the paint quality of my Protectorate of Menoth miniatures. Not really had a chance to do this. Been busy painting Exemplar Errants!

7. Post more often of my blog, especially more pictures. Not really posted more often, lets see if I can change this.


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