European Team Challenge 2012

Next Friday I will be at Maelstrom Games attending the Hordes and Warmachine European Team Challenge 2012. It is a 224 player team tournament, consisting of 56 teams each with 4 players. I am part of Team Epic Slayer, a last minute replacement.

Each player has a single 50 point list. This must be legal using the normal 50 point single caster/lock restrictions. In addition each player needs 10 points of reinforcements (subject to SR2012 army composition rules). The lists across a team are character restricted. That is, no characters can appear in more than one list. This includes Prime and Epic versions of a Warcaster or Warlock and any other unique model.

I will be taking an Epic Kreoss list, full of Daughters, Knights, Errants, Bastions and the mandatory Reckoner along with the usual solos and support.

Its going to be a brilliant weekend.

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