Exemplar Bastions = Colossal Killers

The Exemplar Bastions are a unit some people deem not worthy to be in a list. I on the other hand have always liked them. Now that I have Errants (just) and Knights painted I thought that the Bastions would be kept in the miniature case. This was until Colossal were announced.

With the new Colossal model now appearing on the scene, players need to be able to take one down. This is where the Exemplar Bastions are back in the game.

With Blessed weapons by all means put Arcane Shield on your Stormwall, because this unit will ignore that!

Of course the Bastions need a little more help to take down a Colossal. This is where Epic Kreoss comes into play, now the Bastions have two attacks on the feat turn.

So I did some analysis using a good old spreadsheet and some random numbers. On average the Bastions charging a Stormwall under Epic Kreoss’s feat can take down the Colossal in one turn!

One response

  1. Under the feat, yes. But what about without the feat?

    June 23, 2012 at 2:35 pm

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