Current Focus

During May, June and July I have no tournaments planned, even though the big three (Welsh, Masters and ETC) will all be taking place. However from September it starts to pick up again. In September I have on the 2nd Iron Wrath IV at Maelstrom Games, on the 9th its another Hardcore Heat at Chorley (possibly if Tyler wants to attempt qualifying for the final) and on the 22nd its the London Steamroller Series at Harlow. In October on the 6th & 7th its Scrap Metal VI at Maelstrom Games. In November its Blood and Oil in Leicester and December the Hardcore finals at Maelstrom Games.

So my current focus is to pre-build three 50 & three 35 point lists with character restrictions in mind, also considering the miniatures I can have painted in the next four months. This is with a view of playing all the lists constantly over the coming months, before attending these tournaments at the end of the year. Also every game I play will be with a Steamroller scenario. Hopefully this will improve my tournament playing performance!

So what needs painting? Of course the Exemplar Errants are nearing completion, so after those its the Daughters of the Flame, Nicia, Tear of Vengeance, Exemplar Vengers, Holy Zealots, Monolith Bearer and High Exemplar Gravus. This is a lot of painting to complete in four months, so had better crack on!


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