April Update

Compared to March when I played twenty six games, I only played a lowly eight games during April. However I did win half of those games.

The painting of the Exemplar Errant is progressing. I should just be able to hit my ten week target for painting this unit.

On the playing side I have built three 50 point lists and three 35 point lists for character restricted Steamroller. These are the lists which I will be playing in tournaments later in the year. I will post these lists in the next couple of weeks.

The big three tournaments (Welsh, Masters and ETC) are coming up over the next couple of months, all of which I am not attending. This has seen a fall in the number of smaller one day tournaments over the next couple of months, so can’t see me attending a tournament any time soon.

I have seen myself rise in the UK rankings for Hordes and Warmachine to 74th. This has been due to the York Grand Slam tournaments being added. However because I am may not be attending any tournaments in the coming months, then I will probably drop down the rankings a little.

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