Menoth Bases

When people see my Protectorate of Menoth army on the gaming table, I am always asked how I do my bases. The usual preconception is that its green stuff with lines etched in. However this is not the case. So I thought I would post on my blog how I have achieved my desired affect.

The base is textured plastic card from Antenocitis Workshop a name which I have no idea how to pronounce! The product is Wills Crazy Paving which you get 3 approx A5 size sheets for currently £3.18.

I then cut out the circles using templates a pound coin, milk carton top, and a 40mm base for the various sizes of base. These are then glued in place and painted using P3 Bloodtracker Brown and P3 Menoth White Base.

At the moment the bases are painted in only these two colours, but at some point in the future I will be attempting more shading and highlighting.

The Vessel of Judgement caused me a few problem! I could not find a suitable size template, plus one sheet was not big enough. So had to cut two halves and green stuff the join.


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