Too many characters

It seems I have a lot of characters painted in my Protectorate of Menoth collection and very low on units.  My Mercenary collection is currently Madelyn Corbeau, Rhupert Carvolo, Saxon Orrik, Taryn di la Rovissi, Eiryss, Angel of Retribution and Gorman di Wulfe. Add to this the Protectorate miniatures of The Covenant of Menoth, High Paladin Dartan Vilmon, Visgoth Juviah Rhoven, and the Avatar of Menoth.  This leave the Choir and Bastions, a pair of Palladins, a pair of Vassals, the Hierophant and some Wracks apart from some Warjacks as non-character miniatures.

Now with Steamroller 2012 including a character restriction across lists at some tournaments (depending on the TO), I find myself struggling to build three separate lists even with the Vessel of Judgement and a Mechanik painted (of which they are not currently painted).  So it seems I prefer to paint solo characters!

This needs to be rectified, so once Epic Kreoss is complete and the Vessel of Judgement painted it will be onto the Errants.  But there is a snag and its all down to The Covenant of Menoth.  The Book provided an anti knock-down ability in a list, and was always an auto include in any 50 point list I put together.  The answer to this problem is another character solo, High Exemplar Sarvan Gravus who also has this ability for other Exemplars. Do I need another character solo at this time?  Mind you it is a lovely miniature and I am looking forward to painting it.

Too many characters is not my only problem. I am also lacking on ranged attacks with the Reckoner really being my only option. I have a Vanquisher, but again not painted.  Having played the Vanquisher in lists before in the past I have found it very effective, so its high on the to do painting list!

Re-enforcements, I forgot about those! Again another change to Steamroller 2012. I am sure TO’s will be keen to include scenarios which include re-enforcements.  So if I am struggling to build three 50 point lists, with the character restriction I am going to find it impossible to find re-enforcements.  The Exemplar Vengers would be an ideal choice for re-enforcements, but again not painted.

So what to paint next, the full unit of Errants with banner and Sceneschal, High Exemplar Sarvan Gravus, the Exemplar Vengers or a Vanquisher?

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