Only Painted

I made the decision today to only play Warmachine with my Protectorate of Menoth with only painted miniatures.  I have been thinking about this for some time now. The decision was based upon the number of unpainted miniatures I currently own. This was causing me to dilute the number of times I play with certain minatures.

Another reason for this decision is that it may motivate me to get the miniatures painted.  For instance I have a full unit of Errants, Gravus and the Vessel of Judgement which I am enjoying playing, but are not painted.  Will these miniature be painted in time for my next big tournament? May be not.  So hopefully I will play better with my painted miniatures, having played more games with these.

On the painting table at the moment is the Vessel of Judgement, a Vassal Mechanik and Grand Exemplar Kreoss.  The Mechanik is almost complete.  I have painted the two miniatures and base of the Vessel of Judgement, but the Vessel its self is going to take some time to complete.  Grand Exemplar Kreoss is still to be primed. After these are complete its onto the unit of Errants with the banner unit attachment and a Errant Seneschal.

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