Whole Catalogue of Errors in a Day

This post would should have been a tournament report of the Maelstrom Hardcore Sunday, but the day went so badly for me on the gaming side that I had to document what went wrong.

I played five games of Hardcore and failed to win a single game, this was mostly due to the fast catalogue of errors I made.  My opponents were Marc (Skorne), Mark (Skorne), Richard (Retribution), Tim (Cryx) and Tyler (Khador).

First game and Marc with Skorne.  Brilliant I thought at last I face a Hordes faction with Thrya in a tournament game!  Everything was going well Marc failed to hit Thyra with a load of attacks needing 10’s to hit.  So Thyra cast Silence of Death and charged Epic Makeda, leaving her on two wounds.  Error No. 1 – I didn’t need to pop Thrya feat to get the charge but should have, because the rest of the army would have benefited from it had Thrya failed to kill Epic Makeda.  So looking around I see High Paladin Dartan Vilmon can get into combat with Epic Makeda so he does.  Error No. 2 – Didn’t see the free strike that Vilmon took which killed him.  This could have been avoided if another Paladin killed the model which caused the free strike.  And of course Thyra feat would have benefited me here.  Error No. 3 – Visgoth Rhoven should have removed the one remaining Fury from Epic Makeda before Vilmon was activated, because Marc would have just transferred the damage.  And so onto Error No. 4 – The Covenant of Menoth should have put Flames of Wrath on Thyra giving her the fire continuous effect on models she hit’s.  Finally Error No. 5 – Had Thyra removed a focus point off a wrack, then she could have attacked Epic Makeda one final time and hopefully killed her.  All of these errors could have won be the game, if I played it right.

So second game and Mark with Skorne.  Again I thought another Hordes faction, time to put everything that went wrong in the first game right.  But the day was just going from bad to worse.  So Thyra gets a charge into Epic Morghoul and starts doing some damage and Mark starts transfering then Thyra gets down to three remaining focus.  Error No. 6 – And probably the biggest error of the day.  I didn’t cast Silence of Death and didn’t spot that I hadn’t.

Next game and Richard and his Retribution.  Another game and another assination charge with Thyra into Rahn.  Error No. 7 – Rahn was on full Focus, so Epic Eyrss should have removed the Focus first.  This would have meant a free strike, which see did avoid later in the game.  Again Errors 3, 4 and 5 from the first game happened again.  After Thrya charged Rahn was left on six wounds.  So Bastions charged, Error No. 8 – I didn’t see that a Bastion could charge Rahn.  So another lose.

Next Tim with Cryx.  I didn’t really have a chance to make any errors this game.  Tim played the game very well, moving my miniatures to get a charge into Thrya and game over.

Final game and Tyler with Khador.  Mentally drained at this point during the day, played like a muppet.  Finally putting Thyra in striking distance of the Spriggan and game over.

All in all I enjoyed the days gaming, but really annoyed with myself over the number of silly errors and mistakes I made.

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