Dragon Slayers Big Bash III

This Saturday I attended the Dragon Slayers Big Bash III at Maelstrom Games.  Three games at 50pts you must use a different list in each game with the FA spread across the 3 lists so for eg each list must have a different caster and only one character Jack/Beast across the 3 lists – same for Eiryss and other character solos etc only one across the 3 lists.

Had a brilliant day, even though finish in second to last place a single control point being the difference.

Game One.  Overum

Started the tournament against Chris and his Protectorate of Menoth.  Chris played the Testament against my Epic Severius.  The game ended in a caster kill to Chris.  Excellent game Chris, who swamped the table with infantry.  Chris went on to win the tournament, well done Chris.

Game Two.  Incursion

Second game and I played Kreoss against Bruce and his Khador.  Again lost on caster kill.  I would have lost 4 to 1 on control points, but sent Kreoss in to kill some stuff.  This was the single control point which I scored to avoid last place.  This was a game I should have won, but was too concerned winning control points of one of the flags, I forgot the other.

Game Three.  Diversion

Last games and I played Thyra against Rich and his Cryx.  Again another lose by caster kill.  Played this game like a complete muppet, putting Thyra in charge distance of a Nightmare and game over.

Highlight of the weekend was Ruphert giving the Daughters tough and fearless, Rich had to put a lot of effort into killing them.  This has given idea for another inclusion into the Thyra list!

Next tournament is probably going to be Scrap Metal IV in October, unless another one day event crops up in the mean time.


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