Iron Wrath I – Aftermath

This Saturday myself and Tyler went along to Maelstrom Games for a one dayer, three games of 35 points and one game of 50 points.  The main idea behind this event was to give players the chance to play with, and play against the new elements of Wrath in a semi competitive environment.

I ended up in 25th place and Tyler ended in last place.  This could have easily been reversed, as you will find out!

Game One 35 Points, Incursion

First game and up against Tim with his Retribution.  I opted for Epic Severius and went on to lose on Scenario.  Tim played the game very well, and I was never in with a chance of winning.

Game Two 35 Points, Sacrifice

Next game and Owen with a Magnus Mercenaries List.  I opted for Prime Kreoss and went on to lose again on Scenario.  Yet again I was never in with a chance of winning, Owen played Magnus very well.

Game Three 50 Points, Outflank, Outfight, Outlast

The 50 point game was against Adam with his Cryx.  I know Adam from my Warhammer Fantasy tournament days, and we went on to play a very enjoyable game.  My 50 point list was Thyra, so could she get me my first tournament win against Cryx?  No, lost on caster kill.  My Reckoner only managed to put five wounds on Adams caster, so a sudden rush of blood and I threw Thyra in.  No wounds caused by Thrya, mainly due to being minus 14 on the dice rolls!  This was a case of looking at how the game was going.  We both scored no control points, but I was up on Victory Points.  So do nothing and win the game, but I went for the assasination!  Thanks for the game Adam.

Game Four 35 Points, Overrun

Last game on the bottom table and up against my son Tyler and Khador.  Tyler played his new caster Irusk, and again I played Thyra.  Tyler was playing this game very well, and I was well on my way to losing this and ending the tournament in last place.  This was until Tyler made a mistake and gave me a charge with a Bastion into Irusk.  Usually Irusk would have survived, but a roll of SIX, SIX, SIX and FIVE on the damage won me the game!

I really enjoy the one day tournaments, and will be attending the Dragon Slayers Big Bash III one dayer later on in the month.


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