UK Hardcore Series I – The Aftermath

What a brilliant day playing Warmachine, the Hardcore format is mental and loads of fun. I finished in 9th place out of 16 players with two caster kill wins and an average caster kill time of 49 minutes and 45 seconds.

I am really pleased with that result and the day was a laugh as well. I will definately be attending the Hardcore Series II next year, may be with a army list more turned to getting quick caster kills.

Game 1 – Duncan with Cryx

Never won a tournament game against Cryx and this one was no different losing on caster kill. However Mortenebra fooled me with a spell, whereby his all army could stand up after Kreoss’s feat. If I had known that, then may be Eryss could have helped out! So the feat turn didn’t really happen. Memorable moment of the game, was me being very sporting and indicating that Duncan hadn’t activated a Warjack and still had plenty of time left. However this was the Warjack that finally killed Kreoss, if I hadn’t reminded Duncan then the Warjack would not have been in range. I did finish the game with the Crusader and a Paladin within charge range of Mortenebra, so it was kill Kreoss or I kill Mortenebra.

Game 2 – Ruth with Circle of Orboros

First time I have played against Circle of Orboros in a tournament of which I won with a caster kill in 43 minutes and 35 seconds. Ruth ran the whole army up within Kreoss’s control zone, so it would be rude not to knock it all down. The Circle of Orboros, then received a charge from an Avatar, Reckoner, Crusader, Bastions, Palladin, Vilmon and Rhoven with the Bodguards. At the end of this turn the only Kromac was left standing. Ruth tried to teleport Kromac into a range of Kreoss but failed. So Kreoss ended the game with a caster kill on Kromac.

Game 3 – Chris with Circle of Orboros

Another game against Circle of Orboros, but this time Epic Krueger. This game went the full 60 minutes without either side getting a caster kill. The Avatar did manage to get a charge on Krueger, but was fully loaded with Fury so passed the damaged onto the Beasts. It was a very slow game with both sides killing stuff, but not making any head way into getting a caster kill in time.

Game 4 – James with Khador

Going to the last game it was still possible to qualify for the Finals, but only with a quick caster kill. James brought Strakov to the table, a caster that I have played against a lot and is immune to fire damage (not good for a Menoth player). However I did get a caster kill win, but in 56 minutes and 15 seconds which was way to slow to qualify. Highlight of the game was Vilmon with Impervius wall standing infront of a unit of Cavalry which charged past him into Kreoss. Only one of the Cavalry unit made it, all were cut down with free strikes. Even the Kayazy assasins had a charge into Kreoss, but with Defenders Ward and six Focus I knew he would be ok (Tyler has tried this many times in the past). The caster kill came with an Enliven Avatar moving into range of Strakov and a Destroyer. The Avatar with full focus left Strakov on three wounds, which was a little annoying as the Avatar had killed Tyler’s Strakov in Scrap Metal III earlier in the year. However James forgot to allocate focus to the Destroyer, so the Avatar lived to kill Strakov next turn!

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