Scrap Metal III – Aftermath

Both myself and Tyler had a brilliant week end.  I ended the tournament in last place and Tyler one place above me.  I had won a game and Tyler lost all six, but Tyler obtained more Victory points over the weekend.  Will we be attended Scrap Metal IV later in the year?  You bet we will!!  In the mean time more and more practise, I don’t want yet another wooden spoon.

Game 1 – Dan with Mercenaries.  Lost on victory points.  Dan’s army is magically painted and won the best painted award.  With all the solo’s and units my army and lack of playing skills couldn’t really make a dent.

Game 2 – Tyler with Khador.  Won by Caster kill.  Maelstrom had setup a “Comedy Table” which was fully of scenery.  A river, bridges, forests, and a load of buildings.  There was almost more scenery than open ground!  At the beginning of the day, myself and Tyler decided that if we played it would be on the “Comedy Table”.  The game ended with Tyler being really unlucky with his dice.  Went for a Caster Kill, but failed and left Strakov open to a charge from the Avatar.

The “Comedy Table”

Game 3 – Gary with Menoth.  Lost on scenario.  My first ever tournament game against Protectorate of Menoth.  Again I challenged Gary to the “Comedy Table”, and he agreed!  Not a lot of points scored on either side, but my deployment and dodgy movement gave Gary an easy scenario win.  Gary played the game very well.  I played Kreoss (big mistake) and Gary took Harbinger, of course the book negated Kreoss’s feat turn.  Should have took Severius.

Game 4 – Andy (Sib) with Cygnar.  Lost by Caster kill.  It must have been the effects of early Sunday morning.  First forgot focus allocation, then forgot to move the Choir and put no shooting on the jack.  And finally put Severius out in the open unprotected.  So Sib move Eiryss into range and shot Severius, removing all focus.  Then the Black 13th came in for the kill.  All this happened with me only have one turn!

Game 5 – Tom with Legion.  Lost on scenario.  All I can say about this game is that myself and Tyler must play the scenarios more often.  I played the scenario like a “muppet”.  Not taking anything away from Tom, he played very well.

Game 6 – Simon with Cryx.  Lost on victory points.  Game ended with me only having Kreoss remaining on the table.  Really enjoyed this game, probably the best I played all weekend even though did lose on victory points.

Congratulations to all who took a trophy, and thanks to all our opponents for very enjoyable game.  See you all at again at Scrap Metal IV.  Next time I am not taking the wooden spoon, and thats a promise.

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