Selective Dice Etiquette and Cocked Dice

So what are “Cocked Dice”?  The term is used in the game rules for Backgammon, the rules state “Dice are said to be cocked if they do not land flat on the playing surface of the thrower’s right hand side of the board”.  Backgammon rules also state “If a die lands on a checker, on the bar, or on the wrong side of the board, both dice must be re-thrown”.

In war gaming rule sets I have yet to see such a rule, however it is seen as good etiquette to re-roll a cocked dice.  However after attending a tournament this year (not going to mention which one), it seems that some war gamers don’t know the meaning of etiquette.

In the first two games I encountered the strange behaviour of what I can only call “Selective Dice Etiquette”.  They actually looked at the value of the non-cocked dice, before making a decision to re-roll the cock dice or not.   An example of this despicable behaviour would be, my opponent needed to roll 5 on 2 dice.  They rolled a 3 and and a 1 but the 1 was cocked so re-rolled the dice.  Later in the game, again needing to roll 5 on 2 dice, this time rolling two 3’s with one cocked. You guessed it, didn’t re-roll.

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