Oxford Tier Tournament – Aftermath

Had a very enjoyable day on Saturday in Oxford at the Tier Tournament.  I lost three and won (luckly) a single game.  Tyler won two games of the four he played.  I finished in 18th out of 23 players, and Tyler finished in 16th.  Plus I won the painted army raffle!!  A five pounds voucher for Firestorm Games, which will be put towards some more Protectorate of Menoth miniatures.

Three of my games were against the lads from Marauders Gaming Club, Nigel, Tony and Toby.  First game was against Nigel and his Khador. All I can say is “Winter Guard, What The F**k”,  DEF 16 don’t try to trample those guys.   Second game was against Tony and Legion.  Taking Severius against an army with no units, so didn’t have a feat turn.  Again another lose, Legion like Cryx seem to be a difficult army for me to play against.

Third game and this time another Hordes army against Jim with Trolls.  This time two large units, so made the most of my feat turn with Severius.  I should have also lost this game, with only Severius remaining on the battlefield and down to a single wound remaining.  Jim moved his Trolls in for the kill, with only minutes remaining, but put Epic Madrak in charge rangle of Epic Severius.  So cast Creators Wrath and charged Madrak, needing 10’s to hit and -4 on the damage rolls.  Creator Wrath gives Severuis three dice for attack and damage rolls.  With six attacks eventually killed Mandrak on the last attack, after burning all my focus.  It was down to a tough roll, and Jim’s dice failed him!

Last game against Toby and his Minion army.  Toby is a experienced Protectorate player, so knew my army very well.  After a few turns Toby had killed the Avatar, and made a mess of my other Warjacks.  But I also killed all three of his Warbeasts.  It was the turn where I had killed his Warbeasts, that I made the mistake.  I failed to move Severius safe, and with an advance move spell then a charge Severius was dead.  I knew Toby could do the advance move spell, he had done it earlier in the game.  If Severius was move somewhere in safety, or used my feat to remove the ability to cast the spell then the result could have been different, maybe.

Will definitely be going back next year, really enjoyed the day.


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