Blood & Oil March Mayhem

On Sunday Tyler and myself went along to Gifts for Geeks for a 50 point Steamroller Warmachine/Hordes tournament.  We both had a very enjoyable day, with both of us finishing on a single win and three loses.  I ended the day in 12th place and Tyler 11th.

That is me in the red and white stripes

I played Cryx, Skorne, Khador and Legion of Everblight.  The first game against Paul and his Cryx was never going to be a win.  I never play well against Cryx.  So that ended by losing massively on points.

Second game against Skorne and again a lose on points.  I managed to kill Molik Karn, but only after he had killed the Bastions.   Again I stuggled against a Horde faction army.

Third game against Khador with Strakov.  This should have been a caster kill win, with the Avatar bearing down on Strakov in the final minutes of the game.  But ran out of time, so a win on victory points.

Tyler on the first table in game one

Final game and another Hordes faction, this time the Legion of Everblight and Thagrosh.  Started the game very badly with Legion infantry units all over the board. I did however managed to get the Reckoner and Revenger into melee with Thagrosh for two turns, leaving Thagrosh on a single wound (bloody dice!).  This left my caster Kreoss exposed to a caster kill, so it ended in another lose.

Pictures courtesy of Gifts for Geeks.


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