My Epic Severius 35 Point Tier List

The Oxford Tournament next month requires at least Tier one minimum.  So I have opted for a Hierarch Severius Tier two list at thirty five points, built mainly from my painted miniatures.   For this list to be fully painted I need to complete Severius and the Avatar in the next six weeks.

The list is mostly Warjacks with a minimum unit of Bastions and the usual supporting Choir, Book and Vassal.  At the moment I am not sure on how effective this will be with so many Warjacks.  But a few practice games in the coming weeks and I will soon find out.  To have a fully painted army, this restricted my options when building the list.  I would have liked to include a maximum unit of Bastions, but alas didn’t have the available points.

War Caster
Hierarch Severius

Heavy Warjacks
Avatar of Menoth

Light Warjacks

Choir of Menoth (4 miniatures)
Exemplar Bastions (3 miniatures)

The Covenant of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth


One response

  1. Allen J.

    I like this list except for I found that being tier 4 in a 35 point list literally plows the road in most tourneys. I’ll let you do the list building, I’m just saying. Also in my xp I have seen my Avatar get crunched by my own mistake, now what? 11pts dead…Avatar is great for a 50 pts list for sure, with 8 focus though you wont need him in 35. Thanks for the post however, I like your idea, 🙂

    July 7, 2011 at 1:26 am

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