The Games Vault Casual Warmachine Tournament

On Sunday myself and Tyler attended our second Warmachine & Hordes tournament at The Gaming Vault in Daventry. Daventry is only just under an hours drive for us, so it was nice and local.

It was a small friendly tournament with 10 players.   For the first time we played the new Steamroller 2011 tournament rules.  We both had a very enjoyable day, and met some very friendly people and both had four great games.

So onto where we both placed, after a re-check of the final standings I finished in 5th and Tyler 7th, really happy with this and we both won two games each.

I started with a game against Dave and his Legion, which I narrowly lost on the third tie break.  Dave went onto win all of his four games and win the tournament.  Congratulations to Dave.  Second game was against Paul and Mercenaries.  After two turns I thought I was going to lose, but Paul exposed his caster out in the open for my Repenter to kill him!  Third game as against Jack and Cygnar, and another caster kill win.  This time the Palladin charged into the caster and with four dice killed the Cygnar caster.  Final game was against Jere and Legion again.  Jere’s army was very different to Dave Legion with only seven models.  I lost this game on control points.  I never really got into the game, and Jere played very well for his win.

Tyler lost to Chris and his Protectorate of Menoth in his first game.  In his second game Tyler played Anthony and his Retribution of Scyrah, this game ended in a draw (even to the third tie-break!!). Tyler’s third game and he played Paul and his Mercenaries, which I played in the previous round, Tyler won this game!  Onto Tyler’s final game and he played Alistair with Trollbloods and win on control points.

So we both finished the tournament win two wins each, plus Tyler also managed to draw a game.  The Strength of Standings rule, meant that I finished in 5th and Tyler 7th.

Will definitely attending more tournament at The Games Vault in the future.

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