Flames of War – Terrain Table

I was planning on building and painting some Flames of War scenery, hills, buildings, forests, hedges, etc.  You can’t play Flames of War without some terrain and scenery!

Recently I have found The Terrain Guy on You Tube, and he has inspired me to build a static terrain gaming table.  The tables he builds are truly stunning.

I will start with a 4×4 table, then extend this to a full size 6×4 table.  I want to include as much different types of scenery on this table as possible without over crowding the table, so have put together a list of possibilities.

  • Different type of fields, grass, crops, etc.
  • An area of woodland, may be a 12″ x 12″ Forest.
  • Hedges and some Bocage.
  • Walls.
  • A hill or may be two, but definately some undulation.
  • Road, maybe cobbles and a dirt track.
  • Buildings, may be a small village of three to five buildings.  Possibly some building destroyed.

My next phase is to plan this out on paper, and draw up a layout.  This will be a back burner project through out the year, something for a change to painting Warmachine miniatures.

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