What I have been upto?

Not posted during December, this was due to my internet router breaking and having to get a replacement.

On the painting side of the hobby, my Protectorate of Menoth 35 point army is fully painted and will be fully varnished by the end of the week-end.  This was a target for the doubles tournament at Maelstrom Games being held this week-end, but alas myself and Tyler were unable to attend.

On the gaming side of the hobby, played a load of games over Christmas with Tyler and a few guys up at Maelstrom Games.  Really starting to get to grips with the Protectorate and starting to win more games.  The next thing I want to achieve is to build another 35 point list with the Protectorate with a different Caster, and have a fully painted 50 point list.

With the doubles tournament at Maelstrom Games a none starter for us, we have signed up for a one day casual days playing Warmachine at The Games Vault in Daventry on Sunday the 16th.  This is not strickly at tournament, there are no prizes, its just a casual day playing Warmachine.  It will be using the new Steamroller 2011 tournament rules, so should be something different.

I have finally decided to start a new gaming system and its Flames of War.  It was a choice between this game and Napoleonics, but I opted for World War Two.

I have purchased the Open Fire box set over Christmas, for the mini rule book.  Plus started an American 101st Airbourne army, which is strongly influenced by the TV series Band of Brothers.  My first purchases were the Platoon Rifle Company, the dice and tokens for the 101st Airbourne, along with the book Hells Highway.

This is going to be a back burner project during the year, so not expecting to get any meaningful size games in until well into the new year.  I will also be starting a German Fallschirmjäger army as well, so thats two Paratrooper armies!

Warhammer Fantasy is well and truly on the shelf for the immediate future.  I will be concentrating my gaming time to Warmachine and the Protectorate of Menoth.  And my hobby painting time will be split between Warmachine and Flames of War.

So a new year and I had better get down some New Year Resolutions!

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