Blood & Oil Aftermath

I am a bit late in posting this report on the tournament, anyway here is a brief post. We both had a great day, it was loads of fun! I finished 34th out of 36 players and avoiding last place. Tyler finished in 10th place with two wins, and was on table two in the last game with a shot at winning the tournament.

So onto my games..

Game 1 and Lee with Retribution of Scyrah. This was a Loss on Control Points. Nearly a draw I had the Covenant in one control zone, thinking it needed to hit at least five time so had a chance to hold the zone in the final minutes of the game. However Lee’s final throw of the dice killed the Covenant.

Game 2 and 3 were Jack with Legion of Everblight and Paul with Cryrx. These were both big loses. Both games lost on caster kill.

Finally game 4 against Kirt with Trollbloods. Probably the best game of Warmachine I have played. It was Kill Box and resulted in a draw. Kirt needed to roll a six to throw Kreoss out of the Kill Box in the final minutes of the game to win, luckily for me the dice rolled a four!

Tyler’s games…

Game 1 he played against Protectorate of Menoth which resulted in a quick turn three lose. A Castigator killing his Iron Fang Pikemen gave his opponent the win.  Apologies to Tyler’s opponent we couldn’t remember your name.

Game 2 and 3 were Darrell with Minions and Richard with Legion of Everblight. Tyler won both games, first against Minions on control points. Then against Richard won by default when Richard discovered that he had been playing a rule incorrectly.

Final game on table two against Lee with Skorne. Tyler lost on caster kill, but got a lot out of the game playing a more experienced player.

Hopefully next tournament will be Double Penetration at Maelstrom Games in January.

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