Protectorate of Menoth Painting Progress

I have nine weeks to paint a unit of four Choir, a Reckoner Heavy Warjack and a unit of five Bastions.  Why nine weeks?  Well my self and Tyler have signed up for our second tournament, Double Penatration at Maelstrom Games in January.

Double Penatration is a doubles tournament over two days at Maelstrom Games.  As per the usual Maelstrom rule packs a fully painted army is required.  So I will have a fully painted Warmachine 35 point army by the end of the year.

My plan is to paint the four Choir miniatures for the end of November.  The Bastions next month running up to my Christmas break.  Then over a two week Christmas break paint the Reckoner.  For me thats a lot of painting to do in nine weeks.


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