Blood & Oil Preparation

With less than a week to go until our first Warhmachine/Hordes tournament, myself and Tyler have a lot of preparation and practice to get in.

Tyler has painted all his army all but his Iron Fang Pikemen.  But had an accident with his Widowmaker marksmen, losing the arms when if fell to the ground after spraying on the primer.  So he is now fielding Man-o-war Kovnik instead.

My Vassal is painted and gloss varnished, so ready for the Testors Dull Tote when my order of another three cans arrives.  The painting of the Covenant is coming along nicely, with paint on both miniatures and the base is complete.

Saturday night we had a game of Convergence.  My Protectorate got murdered with only Kreoss and the Covenant remaining, whilst Tyler had most of his army on the battlefield.  I did miss a potential caster kill on my Feat turn.  I need to get my Revenger into melee with his Butcher, but first needed to kill a single Iron Fang Pikeman to clear a charge lane.  All I had in range was a single Choir model which needed to roll a nine on the damage roll, but failed.  Afterwards I realised Kreoss could had cast either of his two fire spells from the Revenger’s arc node, which would have killed the Iron Fang Pikeman and opened up the charge for the Revenger.  Apart from that I think we learnt a lot from the game.  I learnt that putting a light warjack in the middle of the unit of Bastions kept it safe from a charge.  Will be using that tactic again!

Sunday and a club night at Hinckley Adventure Games Society.  I played Darrell (Sorry mate, terrible with names) who is also attending Blood & Oil at the weekend.  He played his Minion army.  Again my Protectorate was massacred, with only the Covenant and Kreoss standing at the end of the battle.  It seems that with a week to go I am getting into a habit of losing badly!  Again the Bastions were killed in melee, I really need to think how best to use this unit.  My Reckoner always get most of the enemies attention, so may be Defender Ward on this jack in future games?  Still hoping to get another two or three games in this week, so lets see how those go!

More painting on Monday, hopefully get the Covenant nearly completed.  Then its a trip to Maelstrom on Tuesday for some more practise in the evening!

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