Warmachine 35 Points at Maelstrom

Tyler and myself went along to Maelstrom for another night of Warmachine gaming last evening.  This time we played Mosh Pit because up until now we had only played Mangled Metal at 35 points. We only managed to get a single game in, as we are still learning the rules and what our factions are capable of.

Tyler deployed and went first. His Widowmaker snipers took down my Crusader, Vassal plus a few of the Choir and eventually had a hand in him winning the game by killing my caster Kreoss. Lesson learnt here is that I really need to eliminate the Widowmaker snipers in the first couple turns or reduce their effectiveness. The same thing also applies to the Iron Fang Pikemen who together with the Widowmakers killed Kreoss. The bloody War Dog killed my Paladin when he ran past too close, forgot that dog had six inch exclusion zone!

So where did I go wrong. I think I spent too much time thinking about the scenario and lost focus on the Khador army slowly getting to my Warcaster. For instance the Bastions were down to two damage boxes each, so therefore a couple of shots from the Widowmakers and the Bastions were wiped out. The Bastion unit was split into two groups one protecting the Covenant and the other Kreoss, so both groups died. This unfortunately left Kreoss open to a charge from a unit of six Iron Fang Pikemen, who quickly got a critical knockdown and killed Kreoss. I knew the Iron Fang Pikemen had the critical knockdown ability, because they had killed the Repenter earlier in the game. Should have seen this and put up immune to knockdown by the Covenant. Plus I spent a lot of resources trying to kill the Devastator because it wasn’t going to open up it arms and reduce its armour, this may have been a waste of resources.

Basically I thought I had Kreoss well protected, but I didn’t!!

I am slowly getting to grips with the Vassal and the Choir, even though I did make a load of mistakes with both. Such as moving the Choir out of range of one of my two remaining Warjacks, and not keeping the Vassal protected from ranged attacks. But selecting the correct action for the Vassal and the Choir, then I am getting better. However the Covenant I am struggling with at the moment. The denial of spell casting within his command range is the only thing I tend to do with him at the moment, may be enough for two points?

I also attempted a Trample attack against the Iron Fang Pikemen with my Repenter. But upon re-reading the rules we noticed that light warjacks cannot trample. So I would have and will deploy a little different against the Iron Fang Pikemen in the future and see what damage I can dish out with a Trample attack! Plus I need to spend more time reading the rule book.

The two games I have played with the Bastions I have failed to get them into melee, that is going to change next game! Next week and another game!

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve only played about 4 games with my Menoth, but I find the bastions great. Their big weakness is their slow speed, so I advance them aggressively just behind a unit of temple flameguard. I also put or two slightly forwards of the rest so they can’t all be charged at once.

    I made the same positioning mistakes with the choir in my first few games, and it’s something I’ve got to be careful with, however the choir will always be in every list I make (that has jacks) because they ate so good.

    Menoth seems slow as a fraction compared to other races, so I’ve played them in a counter attacking style. How fast/slow do you think they are compared to the fractions you’ve played.


    November 30, 2010 at 7:27 pm

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