Where has my painting time gone?

Where has all my painting time gone?  In the last couple of weeks I haven’t picked up a painting brush.  What with attending Maelstrom gaming nights to play some Warmachine once a week.  Add to this we now also go to Hinckley Adventure Games Society on a Sunday evening as well, this has all eaten into the time I used to spend painting.  Of course this is a good thing, my focus has now become more on the playing side of the hobby than the painting.

Added to this in the past couple of weeks I have purchased, built and based the miniatures I needed for a thirty five point Protectorate of Menoth Warmachine army.  Add in the pressures of family life, work life and overtime and where has all my painting time gone!  I was hoping to fully paint my Protectorate of Menoth in time for Christmas, but that is only ten weeks away and I have a lot of miniatures to paint!

One of my hobby new year resolutions the past two years has been “Spend at least thirty minutes most evenings away from the television painting my miniatures“, this has fallen by the road side these past couple of months.

So here is the deal…  After ten o’clock every evening after all the family life stuff is sorted, then I will spend thirty minutes painting miniatures.  This might only be a quick thirty minutes, but over the weeks running up to Christmas it will all hopefully add up. And hopefully I will have a fully paint thirty five point Protectorate of Menoth for Christmas!!

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