Hinckley Adventure Games Society

I found another local gaming club in the area, the Hinckley Adventure Games Society.  Again found this via The Coventry Gaming Forum.  Hinckley is a small market town only ten minutes drive from my home. Hinckley Adventure Games Society meet every Sunday evening between seven and ten thirty at the The MENCAP Centre in Hinckley.  Sunday is an awkward day for me, as we can be away at the wife’s parents some weekends.

We wanted to find a club where members play Warmachine as well as Warhammer Fantasy, so emailed the club.  As it stands some members have started to play Warmachine!  A week or two later I stumbled upon one of the member whilst at Gifts for Geeks in Leicester.  After a chat all about the club we decided to go along for a visit the next weekend we had free.

So last Sunday we went along for our first visit with our Warmachine armies!  The members at the club made us very welcome and all introduced themselves.  The Warmachine players all got together to play a six player twenty five point game, it was great fun.   There was also a Flames of War game being played and a Role Playing game.

We will definately be attended on a regular basis when we are free on Sunday evenings.  Hinckley Adventure Games Society has restored my faith in local gaming clubs!

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