Warmachine game at Maelstrom

Played a 27 point game of Warmachine last Thursday evening at Maelstrom.  It was 27 points because I haven’t yet got my unit of Bastions to make a 35 point army.  It was our first game since only playing battle box size games, so a massive difference in army size.  And what is difference it makes.

Having lots of different solos and units all with special rules and actions was a nightmare to remember.  For instance I have a Vassal a Choir and Covenant in my army and all of these can give benefits to warjacks and units, along with the spells Kreoss can cast its a lot of things to remember.  Along with remembering witch units, solos I have activated already it was fun trying to remember what did what and what I had already done.

In my mind it is a much more challenging game to play at this size compared to Warhammer Fantasy battle.  For instance I didn’t cast Defenders Ward with Kresos all game, probably because I was too busy allocating focus to my four warjacks!  Looking back I should have cast Lawgiver’s Creed by the Covenant when the Butcher came into range, this would have stopped Full Throttle a spell which Tyler quite likes to cast.

At the end of the evening we still hadn’t finished our first game!  At the start of my turn I noticed that I could charge the Butcher with Kreoss, so I went for it.  And failed (forgot Weapon Master) and Butcher killed Kreoss in his next turn.

Hopefully a full 35 point game next week, I am off to Maelstrom to get a unit of Bastions!

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