Painting the Protectorate of Menoth

I have put together this painting schedule so to satisfy one of my final new year resolutions, that being to have a 35 point Warmachine army fully painted by the end of the year.  At the moment I am playing with bare metal and really prefer to play with painted miniatures.  It brings a new level of enjoyment and satisfaction to playing games.  Plus its an army which I can take to a few 35 point tournaments in the new year, which is something I am planning!

So onto the schedule.  October will be the Covenant, and Paladin only three miniatures and a book to paint.  November will see if I am successful or not with the Vassal, Choir (four miniatures) and the Reckoner all on the painting table.  December and the remaining unit of five Bastions.  December being a busy month with Christmas, etc I have decided on just leaving the Bastions to paint.

Will I be successful?  It will be great to play a few game with a fully painted 35 point Protectorate of Menoth army over Christmas!

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