Next Year, New Game

I have decided to start a new game in the new year.  I want to expand my Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth army to at least 50 points first, that will probably take me up until Easter next year.  So the question is which game to start.  Firstly I like to paint miniatures, so a game with miniatures that are appealing for me to paint.  Secondly a cheap game to start and collect miniatures, I don’t have a bottom less wallet to spend on my hobby.  Thirdly a game where finding people to play against is not a problem.  Here are a few gaming systems which I have been considering lately…

Hordes…  Really like the look of the miniatures, so it appeals to me on the painting side.  A typical size army of 35 points does not involve a huge investment, so its appealing on the wallet.  Plus a lot of people play Hordes and Warmachine at Maelstrom gaming nights, so a plus there as well.  Do I want to start a new game which plays similar to Warmachine, or do I want a change?

Flames of War…..  Inspired by the Band of Brother television series then I would probably go for an US airborne force.  Painting wise this is probably not a good option, can’t really see me getting inspired painting 15mm miniatures and tanks but you never know.  However you could probably spray paint the army quite quickly.  Again this is another game played by a lot of people at Maelstrom gaming nights.  The starter set is reasonably cheap and comes with rules and everything you need to start.  However this would require a large amount of different scale terrain.  May be an investment in the starter set and have it as a second back burner project would be an option?

Malifaux…  Another game played by a lot of people at Maelstrom gaming nights, it seems to be really booming at the moment.  The miniatures are really appealing to me on the painting side.  Also the added bonus that it does seem to be light on the wallet.   Plus its the same scale as Hordes/Warmachine and Warhammer so terrain can be shared between all three games.

Black Powder and Napoleonic…  I have always been inspired by the imaginary of the Napoleonic. Having painted a 120mm scale Napoleonic figure in the past this is something that appeals to me.  Miniatures in the 28mm miniature scale would be my preferred option.  I do like the look of the Victrix miniature range.  However this may involve a massive amount of miniatures for a decent game, and a dent in the wallet.

Infinity…  It doesn’t matter how many times I look at this game and the miniatures, it simply doesn’t inspire me to paint.  I did win the rule book at a Maelstrom event, but the “look n feel” simply didn’t appeal to me at the time.  So the rule book ended up on eBay and help fund my Warmachine hobby.   May be one day, but can’t see me starting this game in the near future.

With plenty of time to make a decision and with plenty of other game to consider, this is going to take a little time to decide.  However it won’t be until probably Easter next year before I will start collecting miniatures for my new war game.

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