A Hobby Nightmare Recently

Had a bit of a nightmare with the hobby side of things lately.  First the Exemplar Errant Seneschal, the two banners hanging of his back were weak at the joints.  I pinned the joints, but there wasn’t enough surface area for the glue to grab hold off.  After several attempts the metal was so weak it broke.  So the miniature went in the bin.

Next the Crusader.  I had previously started painting this heavy Warjack, but put it down for a while to complete the Repenter.  Coming back to this miniature I really wasn’t happy with the initial paint job, so stripped it.  Its nearing completion at the moment, a few things to tidy up and some final highlights then it will be ready for varnish.  Again still not 100% happy with the paint job.  I don’t know what is it, but I seem to struggle with the larger miniatures.

So onto the gaming side of things.  Myself and Tyler have been looking into expanding your Warmachine armies up to 35 points.  Whilst looking over my previously proposed 35 point list I noticed the Exemplar Bastions were 8 points for a full unit not 5 points.  Which meant I had to re-think and re-build my list.

Anyway something good has happen!  Tyler eventually decided on a 35 point Khador list and we have purchased them from Maelstrom Games, going to pick them up tomorrow. I have also made my mind up on a 35 point Protectorate of Menoth list and will be purchasing the miniatures next week.  So we will both have 35 point lists and be able to have better games from now on!  I think next Tuesday we will be having at least a 20 point game!  Plus I now have all the Warmachine miniatures I need to get them all painted for the end of the year to satisfy one of my yearly resolutions.

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