Back to Maelstrom Games for some Warmachine

Myself and Tyler went to Maelstrom Games on yesterday for a game of Warmachine.  Here is a quick battle report….

Tyler’s Berserker got into melee with both my Revenger and Repenter.  It killed both of the light Warjacks, then blew its self up!!  So we now had a bottleneck of three dead Warjacks in the middle of the battlefield next to a wood.  There is a lesson learnt here…   Don’t run both the Revenger and Repenter so close together so that they both cannot be engaged in melee at the same time.

The battle then turned into a game of chess, with both armies only with a heavy Warjack and a Warcaster.  My Crusader got into combat with the Destroyer, losing its open fist in the first phase of melee.  This always seems to happen, I have yet to use the Crusader’s open fist in melee!

The Butcher had already used he feat in killing the two light Warjacks, so Kreoss popped his feat and put the Butcher on the deck.  Kreoss then failed in killing the Butcher from range with spells.  This is where we made a mistake with the rules!  We both forgot a Warcaster can spend focus to stand up!  So Kreoss fully loaded with focus charges the Butcher next turn and kills him.  If we played it correctly then it would have been the other way around.

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