Warriors Magic Phase in 8th Edition

This is a strange topic now, especially having to roll dice for bound spells and the variable amount of casting dice available.  For the benefit of this topic I will assume we have a level 4 and a level 2 both using the Tzeentch lore.  Also we won’t take into account channeling, as an extra dice on average will not be included.

Most phases you will be throwing four dice at Infernal Gateway, with the possibility of removing a unit its a brilliant spell.  The minimum average will be seven strength seven hits, so that nothing to complain about.  Next Flickering Fire of Tzeentch another brilliant spell, you will be probably be throwing two dice at this.

So now with the average casting pool being seven dice, and we have just thrown six dice there is on average only a single casting dice remaining.  Is that second level two sorcerer that I usually include really an option now?  A level one scroll caddy is no longer an option, now that dispel scrolls are treated as other arcane items.  Also bound spells such as Banner of Wraith and Rod of Torment do they have a place in the Warriors magic phase?

Pandaemonium another brilliant spell from the lore of Tzeentch, against a magic heavy opponent such as Lizardmen this is a must to have.  Throwing three dice at Pandaemonium to cast or keep it in play, then two dice at Flickering Fire of Tzeentch and finally four dice at Infernal Gateway that’s a total of nine dice well above average and probably no dice remaining.

Bound spells In seventh edition were primarily used to whittle down your enemies dispel dice, now we need to throw dice at them to cast and therefore this affects the casting dice pool as well.  I really can’t see having more than one bound spell possible now.   However throwing a single dice at these could be an option?  You don’t miscast on a single dice it just crumbles and can’t be used again, plus you don’t give away victory points when it crumbles.

Onto the Infernal Puppet, Tendrils of Tzeentch and Conjoined Homunculus items.  If you are going to have the Black Tongue in the army, then the Infernal Puppet is also a must have item.  These two items alone could shut down your enemies magic phase for the entire battle.   The gifts Tendrils of Tzeentch and Conjoined Homunculus are useful items for increase the casting value, so with these items can we now throw three dice at Infernal Gateway?

So the third Sorcerer what could be his role be in the army?  In  seventh edition he was more than likely a level one sorcerer with two dispel scrolls, of course this is no longer an option.  This is where the Black Tongue argument come into play!   Now that you don’t give away victory points for half wounds using this item no longer gives away victory points automatically on a two wound model.  Therefore is a level one sorcerer with the Black Tongue a devastating option now?  Forcing a miscast and possible killing an enemy sorcerer is always a good thing.   Another reason for a third sorcerer being the channeling, this means that you are now throwing three dice.  So we now have a fifty percent chance of an additional casting dice.  Plus this additional dice could be thrown at a lore of Death spell to recuperate more dice!

Finally the other lores available.  With the casting dice pool being concentrated on with the lore of Tzeentch, then my personal preference is the lore of Death on a third sorcerer.  The lore of Death attribute gives the ability to add casting dice to the pool.  And the Purple Sun is another Infernal Gateway style spell.

Therefore at the moment I will be running a level four and a level two Sorcerer both with the lore of Tzeentch and a level one Sorcerer with the lore of Death.  The items and gifts will be Infernal Puppet, Tendrils of Tzeentch, Conjoined Homunculus and Black Tongue with either the Banner of Wraith and/or the Rod of Torment.

Of course this is only my opinion, I’m sure others may disagree with my ramblings!

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