Heelan Hammer Bores Me Stupid

I have to admit I enjoy listening to podcasts whilst driving in the car to and from work.  I listen to most of the podcasts for Warhammer Fantasy and a few for Warmachine.  But the Warhammer Fantasy Heelan Hammer has started to bore me stupid.

Heelan Hammer started about a year ago, and when it first started up I thought it was the best podcast out there for quality and content.  But over the months Heelan Hammer has bored me stupid.  It’s just the hosts telling the audience what they have done since the last episode.  It’s all “I did this”, “we did that”, “he said this”, “I said that” over and over again, episode after episode.

Take the recent episode 46, one hour into the episode and they are still going on about games they have played.  Another thirty minutes on and its “You played another game”.   No…. I have just listened to an hour and a half of games you have played and there is more.  Then after one hours and forty seven minutes the host admits “as usual its the main part of the show”.  Well there we have it….  Heelan Hammer is all about them.

Other podcasts have a “what they did in Warhammer” section that last between ten and thirty minutes at the most.  But Heelan Hammer episodes have turned into a full two hours of what they did.

No content, no advice, nothing but egotistical claptrap.  Needless to say I won’t be listening any more.

One response

  1. Hi Mark,

    Sorry to hear you have fallen out of love for the show. Drop me an email dan@heelanhammer.com and I would be interested to hear what you would like to hear from the podcast. Your post says you dont like hearing about games, so I would be interested to hear from a feedback point of view what you would like to hear.

    Although our listener numbers continue to rise I am always interested in feedback.



    September 7, 2010 at 11:51 am

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